SSC Room Bookings

Faculty of Social Science Room Booking System

Social Science staff, faculty, and grad students are able to book rooms in the Faculty of Social Science that are under departments. Most of the rooms have av equipment.  Room descriptions, contents, and how to access them is included in the list of rooms below. 

Access: All Social Science staff and faculty have card swipe capabilities.  Specific rooms have only departmental access.  If you need access, be sure to specify that on your booking request. 

Software: Most of the computers have Windows 10 and Office 2016.  If there is any other SSC Network licensed software that is needed on the computers, please contact SSTS.  You can use your own laptops to connect for any other personal software that you use.  Please contact SSTS to confirm Skype capabilities in certain rooms, or if you need assistance.  If any adapters are needed, please see SSTS in room 1226.

Booking rooms: To book these rooms, you can use the calendar system through Outlook or Office 365 (webmail).   Refer to the instructions on the Western Technology Services calendar information website, look under 'Book a Resource Calendar'.   You can select 'Social Science Room List' to see just the rooms Social Science is booking. By entering the date and times before the room selection, you will only get the rooms available for that date/time.

A list of the rooms with the capacity and descriptions are included in these links: