Math Requirements for Social Science Programs

Grade 12 Math is not a prerequisite for admission to the Faculty of Social Science (except for the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies program), however students who intend to pursue Economics or Psychology should consider taking math in Grade 12.

Which math to take?


Students interested in Economics should take the highest level of math available, MHF4U (Functions) and MCV4U (Calculus and Vectors) are required for Western’s first year math prerequisites for Honors Specialization or Major in Economics.

Q: What if the student takes only MHF4U and decides he/she wants to pursue Economics?

  • Western offers a first year 0.5 credit math course, Math 0110a/b that is the equivalent of MCV4U. This course may be taken in conjunction with other math courses in first year to allow students to declare an Economics module in year 2.


Students interested in Psychology should consider taking MHF4U although, MCF3M or MCR3U or MDM4U are all acceptable prerequisites for the math/stats courses required for the Honors Specialization or Major in Psychology. A senior statistics course is required for both programs, therefore, students should have some proficiency in math.

DAN Management Program - Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies

Two Grade 12U Math courses are required for admission to the DAN Management Program (BMOS).

BMOS offers different modules that focus on different aspects of ‘business’. Two 4U Math courses are required for admission to BMOS. Once admitted, students may choose an Honors Specialization, Specialization or Honors Double Major module in one of the following areas: Accounting, Consumer Behaviour, Finance for MOS, Human Resource Management or Commercial Aviation Management (flight or non-flight).

The Commercial Aviation Management and Finance for MOS modules require senior level Economics courses that require MCV4U (or Western’s Math 0110a/b) therefore it is recommended that students present both MHF4U and MCV4U if interested in either of these modules.

The Accounting, Consumer Behaviour and Human Resource Management modules do not require advanced Economics courses therefore students will have the appropriate math background with MHF4U and MDM4U.

*Students may select the Flight or non-Flight version of CAM. Requests are submitted on the OUAC form. 


If you require further information on math requirements, please contact:

Kelly Callahan
Academic Counsellor
T. 519 661-2011 x84948