Faculty of Social Science

Faculty of Social Science Graduate Research Awards Fund

The Faculty of Social Science Graduate Research Awards Fund (GRAF) is designed to support the costs of research undertaken by full-time graduate students enrolled in an approved graduate program leading to aresearch degree. Applicants must be engaged in doing research as part of their degree requirements to be eligible for a GRAF award. Students past their normal funding period are not eligible.

The maximum award available from this fund is $750 per recipient (although the student’s actual budget may be more).  Funds may be requested to help offset the costs of field (including travel), lab, archival (or similar) research.  Priority will be given to:

  1. research proposals involving primary data collection;
  2. PhD students;
  3. those not holding external awards and;
  4. those who have not previously held the GRAF or the Graduate Thesis Research Award (GTRA). 

    Support for conferences is the lowest priority for this fund. 

Expense claims must be accompanied by original receipts.  General guidelines for eligible expenses should follow the TriCouncil Guidelines http://www.uwo.ca/finance/research/index.html.  See below for details regarding the process.


Application (Word file)