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Person wearing mittens, holding cell phone

New study suggests improvement to region-based pandemic lockdowns

The study, led by Jed Long in the Department of Geography and Environment, used network mobility data to offer insight on people’s travel trends during COVID-19 restrictions.

Man smiling, Photo by Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels)

Study shows smiling makes you look older, unless you’re old already

New research from Mel Goodale, professor in the Department of Psychology, follows up on earlier correlation between facial wrinkles and age perception.

Person staring into cell phone, Photo by Mike Toraw of Pexels

New loneliness numbers ‘not a fluke’

A Statistics Canada survey shows more than 1 in 10 Canadians reports being lonely often or all the time. Julie Aitken Schermer, professor in DAN Management, says StatsCan numbers reflect pervasive feelings of isolation across country

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