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An image depicting the aftermath of recent layoffs in the video game industry, highlighting the challenges faced by game developers despite the industry's overall growth

The video game industry is booming. Why are there so many layoffs?

The Conversation published an aricle that was focused on recent layoffs in the video game industry co-authored by DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies professor Johanna Weststar. 

An image capturing a picturesque scene of a tractor in a field, symbolizing the agricultural landscape of rural Ontario, Canada.

Canada's rural communities will continue long decline unless something's done.  

The story of rural Canada over the last 55 years has been a slow but relentless population decline. CBC London published a story about new research from Sociology PhD candidate Lindsay Finlay exploring where new Canadians choose to settle when immigrating to Canada and what it means for rural communities.


'Grey divorce' getting more prevalent in Canada. Why it's a concern.

Global News reported on recent research that suggests Canadian couples are more open to getting a divorce later in life and quoted Sociology professor Rachel Margolis.

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