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Samantha Joel, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Are happy relationships discovered or built?

Samantha Joel has received a SSHRC grant to investigate “Are happy romantic relationships discovered or built? The role of early investment regulation in shaping relationship quality.”

Isaac Luginaah, Professor, Department of Geography

Luginaah investigates a traditional response to our modern problems

Can a traditional farming practice help farmers mitigate the challenges created by climate change? Isaac Luginaah has received a SSHRC grant to understand how seed security and social connections may help farmers in Malawi deal with the effects of climate change.

Elizabeth Hayden, Professor, Department of Psychology

Hayden receives SSHRC funding to investigate impact of youth stress

Stressful life events are a robust predictor of negative mental health outcomes, particularly depression. Elizabeth Hayden wants to know why some youth develop greater vulnerability to stressors than others.

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