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Raha Hassan

Exploring Children's Socio-emotional Development and Cultural Influences

Western University's Department of Psychology is proud to welcome its newest faculty member, Raha Hassan, a developmental scientist with a background in clinical psychology and an interest in understanding the complexities of children's social and emotional development.

Vanessa-Ambtman Smith, Assistant Proffessorin the Department of SociologyCover Page

Bridging Indigenous Knowledge and Healthcare through Academia

Vanessa Ambtman-Smith has joined Western as an assistant professor, appointed in the department of Geography & Environment, and the Indigenous Studies program. She researches the impact of integrating traditional Indigenous practices into health care spaces.  

Amanda Friesen, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science

Amanda Friesen has been named as the Canada Research Chair in Political Psychology (Tier 2)

Amanda Friesen is bringing together the fields of political science and psychology, to better understand how people react to politics and political engagement, breaking down barriers of political entry for some people. Friesen is a professor in the department of political science, and cross-appointed with the department of Psychology.

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