Faculty of Social Science


2012 Leadership Awards 

Social Science Students' Council Leadership Awards were presentated last week to the 2012 recipients.  Awarded to Social Science undergrads who demonstrate leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities. Read more

Study reveals link between basic math skills and PSAT math success

Neuroscience study with Professor Ansari provides brain imaging evidence that students with basic math skills are better equipped to score higher on PSAT. Read more

Measuring Intelligence   

Researchers at the Brain and Mind Institute have concluded that you cannot measure intelligence by just their IQ.  Read more

Social Science - Food Drives  

December is the month for local food banks to stock their shelves.  The Faculty of Social Science has various drop off locations for you to donate for Western Cares Campus Food Drive.  Social Science Staff Development is also running a Holiday Donation Drive and collecting for Women's Community House and USC Food Support Service. Check with the main office of departments for drop off areas. 

Vegetative state man 'talks' to researchers

Brain and Mind Institute uses brain scans to communicate with severely brain-injured Scott Routley who hasn't spoken in 12 years.Read more

Michael Ignatieff speaks at Western

Ignatieff will speak on how bipartisan attacks and advertising tactics plague politics, particularly during election campaigns, pitting one party against another, failing the electorate, the system as a whole and accomplishing little in the end.  Read more

Math really can be painful!

Psychology's post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Ian Lyons, is researching how doing math activates parts of the brain involved in pain processing.  Read more

CGA gift bolsters DAN Program, provides opportunities for students

A generous gift from the Certified General Accountants of Ontario will provide more resources for the DAN Program, its faculty, and students who plan to proceed with obtaining a CGA designation.   Read more

Sustainable Archaeology releases Newsletter

Sustainable Archaeology would like to make their awareness of the facility with the introduction of their first newsletter.  Articles include: scanning projects, collections, research, grant opportunities and upcoming events and conferences. Read more

Leadership Awards - Apply now  

The Dean's Office is accepting applications now for the SSSC Leadership Awards.  Eleven awards of $1450 each are awarded to full-time Social Science undergraduates annually.  Must be in either second, third or fourth year with a minimum average of 70%.  Selection is based on demonstrated leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities.  Read more

Researcher identifies story on 2100 year old mummy

Andrew Wade used new high-resolution CT scans of the mummy's teeth to discover the potential cause of death.  Read more

40th Anniversary Lecture: Uganda Asian Refugee Movement 1972

Michael Molloy will be speaking about the reasons behind General Ldi Amin's decision to expel Uganda's Asian community.  Read more

The International Atlas of Mars Exploration

Award-winning planetary cartographer Philip Stooke officially launches his latest project.   He has collected published and non published material from many sources to create information of every spacecraft mission to Mars.  “This kind of representation has never been done before.”  said Professor Stooke, Department of Geography.  Read more

Deja vu explained, but you knew that

London Free Press | September 13, 2012
French for “already seen,” deja vu has eluded scientists and mystics for hundreds of years, but a research team from Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute has published a study shedding new insights into the perplexing phenomenon.  Read more

Western researchers resurrect legacy

Although he spent a career bringing stories to the masses, Ivan Sytin’s own story might have been lost to history if not for a Western professor emeritus and a PhD alumna.  Read more

True Partnerships with Africa Symposium

On October 18, 2012, The Africa Institute at Western University will host a one-day symposium, bringing together researchers, representatives from the ogvernments of Canada and various African nations, funding agencies, and our research partners.  Read more

Renovations to Academic Counselling

This summer the Counselling office is being renovated with more space to improve services. Temporarily, the office is located in room 3207 SSC. 

DAN Program new location 

DAN | July 12, 2012
DAN Management and Organizational Studies has moved to the fourth floor in the Social Science Centre, room 4330.  Read more

Undergrad Student Competition

Win up to $1500 cash by entering The Council of Ontario Universities and Government of Ontario Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition. Read more

Are Parents Happier Today?

Two new studies presented by Rachel Margolis as co-author with Mikko Myrskyla at the Population Association of America. Read more

SSHRC Feature Story

Migration trends in Asia - Professor Daniele Belanger's CRC in Population, Gender and Development research on Asian women. Read more

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Western News | July 23, 2012
Two doctoral students from Social Science, Mariacarmen Vega (Bioarchaeology, PhD candidate) and Anna Matejko (Developmental Psychology, PhD candidate) are awarded this year's Scholarship. Students are awarded for demonstrating leadership skills and high standard of scholarly achievement. Congratulations! Read more

History Comes Alive

London Free Press | July 24, 2012
DaDevon Elliott, Researcher in the Department of History, uses a 3D laser printer to print historical objects, such as spears used by cavemen, or replicas of streetscapes from the past. Read more

Convocation 2012

There were 1,196 Social Science graduates this year.  Congratulations!

Social Science Award Winners

June 12, 2012, the faculty presented awards to this year's graduating students. Congratulations! Read more

Social Science Golf Tournament Results

Our 10th annual tournament was a great success this year.  A new winning team from Sociology and Anthropology. Congratulations!! Read more

Dean's Honor List

Congratulations to the students who are on the 2011/2012 Dean's Honors List!  The list of students is available on the Dean's Office website. Certificates are available upon request.

Professors Emeritus Laidler and Parkin named CEA Fellows

Western News | June 11, 2012
Western Economics Professors Emeritus David Laidler and Michael Parkin have accepted the prestigious title of Fellow of the Canadian Economics Association at the Past Presidents’ Dinner of the Association in Calgary on June 7, 2012. Created in 2010, the award recognizes achievements and contributions to the most prominent economists who have spent a significant fraction of their careers in Canada. Both Laidler and Parkin joined Western in 1975. Read more

Immigrant Research Project Awarded $2.5m

London Free Press | June 7, 2012
Professor Esses, Director of the Centre for Research and Migration and Ethnic Relations will be looking at what attracts immigrants to larger cities and integration in smaller cities or towns in Canada. Read more

CMA Teaching Award Winners

The CMA Teaching Award was created to recognize and celebrate outstanding performance in the area of teaching.  Congratulations to Professor Shahbaz Sheikh for the Finance award and Professors Ann Bigelow and Maria Ferraro for the Accounting award.

CAM has an app for that!

Professor Suzanne Kearns has developed a new mobile app, M-Safety, that will assist pilots with safety training. Kearns has acknowledged that along with the technical skills required to fly an aircraft, there are also skills needed to help with human error.