Faculty of Social Science


Econ Grad - new Dean of Rotman School of Management

Tiff Macklem (Ph.D. 1989) will take his new position July 1.  For the last 30 years, Tiff has held the position of Senior Deputy Governor at the Bank of Canada.

Ukraine Demonstrations

Professor Marta Dyczok on CTV News live commentary on the situation in Ukraine, where crowds continue to protests government sudden reversal in European Union agreement.  See live commentary on CTV, 3 December 2013.  She also was interviewed by CBC's The Current on December 6.

Book wins top Scottish History Prize

History professor emeritus Roger L. Emerson has been named the winner of the 2013 Saltire Literary Award, Scottish History Book of the Year.  The book is titled: An Enlightened Duke: The Life of Archibald Campbell (1682-1761), Earl of Ilay and 3rd Duke of Argyll.

Reading People's Minds

Jody Culham (Psychology & BMI), is one of five researchers from across Ontario attending the debate of "What Matters Now?" a free public engagement event in London. With some help from functional magnetic resonance imaging, Jody explains "By tracking brain signals, we can predict two to three seconds in advance of what a person is going to do".

Who knows what dogs are thinking?

Western's Dog Cognition Lab, supervised by Psychology professor emeritus William Roberts and run by doctoral candidate Krista Macpherson, is doing some fascinating work on canine cognition. The story is featured in MacLeans and will air on an episode of The Nature of Things (Nov. 23 @ 7:00pm on CBCNN).

Family Ties of Gay Adults

Professor Ingrid Connidis' work on the family lives of gays and lesbians (Interview and Memoir: Complementary Narratives on the Family Ties of
Gay Adults) was awarded the 2013 Alexis Walker Award.  This award was created to honour high quality research in the area of family studies.

International Week

November 12 - 15 join Social Science and Western in celebrating the diversity and international opportunities at Western.  There will be lectures, workshops, and events offered to the campus community.

Neuroscientist investigates why humans sleep

Stuart Fogel, who recently joined Adrian Owen's team at Western's Brain and Mind Institute as a Research Scientist, is conducting research that predicts the primary function of sleep is memory consolidation, or more simply, it's the process needed to form lasting memories.

Western Geographers Help Reclaim London School Playground

Janet Loebach, a PhD student in Geography at Western, has been leading a team of volunteers working with Blessed Sacrament students to plan how they would rescue a play area considered out-of-bounds due to safety concerns.

Western joins effort to preserve Oneida language

David Kanatawakhon, Department of Anthropology, Western language specialist, and a member of the Mohawk Nation, is teaching an Oneida language immersion course on the community’s nearby territory, having picked up the Iroquoian language in order to preserve it.

SSHRC Announcement Highlights Professor MacGee's Research

SSHRC chose the Faculty of Social Science to be the site of the official announcement of the latest round of Insight and Insight Development Grants. They highlighted Professor Jim MacGee's (Economics) work on consumer debt.

Dehumanization of Immigrants and Refugees

Professor Vicki Esses and colleagues write about how the media portrays immigrants negatively.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Neufeld and Dr. Corey Maggiano on their 2012-2013 fellowship.

Western Economics Ranked in the Top 100

Western Economics ranks 51-75 of the top 200 universities in the subject field Economics/Business by Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Center for World-Class Universities.

New Graduate Program - Master of Financial Economics

The Economics Department introduces its new interdisciplinary graduate program. Students will spend the next 16 months acquiring the advanced technical and analytical skills needed to evaluate and manage risk in an increasingly complicated and dynamic financial marketplace.

Opting out of the Student Donation

Full-time Social Science students that have been charged the $50 Social Science student donation fee can opt out of the fee.  September 1, the opt out form is available to students wishing to be refunded or credited of the donation.

Mummy: Myths and Mysteries

Andrew Nelson and Andrew Wade researching some of the hoariest accounts of ancient mummification.

Who was Franz Boas?

A multidisciplinary team led by anthropologist Regna Darnell's research team receives $2.5 million to found out. Boas sought to understand things like culture, language, education and music practice among First Nations peoples, which allowed him to increase public awareness of cultural diversity, speak out against racism and break down the isolationism of 20th-century American society.

Social Science Award Ceremony

Our award ceremony was held June 11th in Conron Hall.  Graduating students are awarded with UWO Gold Medals and Special Awards.  Congratulations to this years recipients!  Read more

New Laboratory receives $1.4 million in funding

Researchers at Western University have secured funding to establish a new laboratory to improve services for newcomers to Canada and to conduct gender analysis of international development policy and practice. Read more

School named after Mary Wright

Mary J. Wright has had a long distinguished career at Western.  She is also well known in surrounding communities.  A new public school in Strathroy is to be named Mary Wright Public School.  Read more

25 years of service

Congratulations to Social Science members who recently received their long service award. Peter Ashmore, Daniel Shrubsole, Philip Stooke, from Geography; Heather Stevens, SSNDS; Mitch Rothstein, DAN Program; Andrés Pérez, Political Science; and Jerry White, Dean's Office.

Melvyn Goodale elected Fellowship of Royal Society

Melvyn Goodale is one of the world's leading visual neuroscientists best known for his research of the human brain as it performs different visual tasks.  This prestigious award is awarded to the most eminent scientists, engineers and technologists from around the world on the basis of excellence in science.  Read more

Economics Alum named new Governor of the Bank of Canada

Stephen Poloz (MA., 1979; Ph.D. 1982) has been named Governor of the Bank of Canada for a seven-year term, starting June 3, 2013. Read more

Work engagement really matters

Professor Meyer from Psychology explores the science of work engagement.  Research has established a positive association between levels of engagement and work behavior. Most importantly, engagement also relates positively to employees’ own physical and psychological well-being. Read More

Congratulations Professor MacGee

Jim MacGee from the Department of Economics has been named this year's recipient of the Bank of Canada's Governor's Award. The award recognizes outstanding academics in areas of research critical to the bank's mandate. Read more

Charity Jet Plane Pull

Student Council from the Commercial Aviation Program are running a charity event to raise funds and awareness for anti-bullying in London. The event will include music, a BBQ lunch, a tour of the retired Canadian fighter jet, and of course the timed 100m team jet plane pull and solo Strongman jet plane pull!  They are accepting applications for teams and pledge forms.  Read more

Researchers Assisting Africa's Farmers

Western University Researchers will be working with farmers in southeast Africa to help with food security, nutrition, and income.  Farmers will learn how to grow new diversified crops into protein-rich legumes and improve food security.  Professor Isaac Luginaah's team has been granted funds from the Canadian International Development Agency for this five year project. (Read more)

Welcome high school students and parents!

Social Science will be offering information sessions, mini-lectures, and program information booths in the Social Science Centre between 9:00am and 2:00pm.  If you are thinking of Western, visit us in Social Science on Saturday, March 9th!! (Read more)

Economics at Deputy Minister University Champion's Event

Three former Economics Alumni participated in a speaking event across campus in a program aimed at strengthening linkages between the Government of Canada and Canadian Universities. Read more

Postdoc bringing faces of Egypt from the past

Professor Andrew Wade, Department of Anthropology, has been working with a forensic artist  reconstructing the identities of three Egyptian mummies.  Scans of these mummies and others help anthropologists understand how the tradition changed over time. Read more

Researchers discover link in autism

Professor Derrick MacFabe discovers a breakthrough that is giving parents of autistic children new hope.  There is a compelling link between certain types of autism and gut bacteria. Read more