Social Science Golf Tournament

2017 Annual Tournament

We lucked out with the weather again!  Turned out to be the nicest day that week.  It was good to be back at Llyndinshire for our annual tournament.  Close to Western, and the bbq and patio were a great way to end the day.

Two teams tied for first place this year - Team Bob and Team Chad.  With a tense putt-out between the team members, the winning putt was done by Jamie.  Congratulations!!

There was no winner for men's closest to the pin.  Ladies closest, went to Gail Wright. Longest drive for ladies was me (Wendy Palmer), and men's longest drive was Nathan Grindstaff (Carl's grandson).  To celebrate Canada's 150, we had best decorated cart and best dressed team prizes.  Great job on the cart, Karin's team!  And the ladies from Geography looked very Canadian! We did have a lot of other players showing their true Canadian colors - thanks for participating.


Winning team: Chad Walker, Evan Cleave, Doug Rivet, and Jamie Baxter
Carl's team
Nathan Grindstaff (longest drive), Dan Grindstaff, Carl Grindstaff, and Bala
Best decorated
Chris Ellis, Pat Orphan, Karin Feulgen, and Gail Wright (best Canada 150 decorated cart)

Ken's team

Ken McRae, John Orphan, Francis Boon, and John Meyer

Bob's team

Dan Shrubsole, Bob Andersen, Kamma Andersen, and Josh Montgomery

 Linda's team

Tom Croucher, Linda Brock, and Chris Croucher
Wendy's team
Pankhuri Malik and Wendy Palmer (longest drive)
Anthro team
Andrew Nelson, Kim Clark, Fernando Larrea, and Ed Eastaugh
Karen VanKerkoerle, Lori Johnson, Erika Hill, and Angelica Lucaci (best dressed for Canada 150)

Team Kalyal

Hina Kalyal, Asad Kalyal, Adil Kalyal, and Bilal Kalyal
Ann Seabrook - Thanks for helping out!

Past Social Science Golf Tournaments: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (all others are archived).