Social Science Golf Tournament 2013

2013 Annual Tournament

It was a scorcher of a day that didn't start out too promising, but cleared up by noon.  The tournament was on!  Twin Streams was in great shape, and they did a great job with dinner.

Looks like the Geography grad students are back on the plaque as the winning team!  Congratulations to Roger Holmes, Tristan Martel, Chad Walker, and Patrick Mooney.  Patrick must have been the star player since he also got men's longest drive.  Longest drive for ladies goes to Cris deClercy, and closest to the pin winners are Eric Simard and me (Wendy Palmer).  Those were some amazing shots and makes me wonder why we are not professional golfers!!

Boon team

Francis Boon, Dianne McCormack,
Ken McRae, & Lynne Mitchell
John golf club



John's team

Bill McCormack, Brian Timney,
John Cesarini & John Orphan

Bamford's team

Steve Bamford, Jim Ladich,
Anthony Dobravec & Kam Abado

Linda's team

Pat Orphan, Linda Brock, Tom Croucher & Jim Dobravec


ken's group

Jason's team

Jason Gilliland, Doug Rivet, Don Lafreniere,
& Godwin Arku

Laura texting

Laura Cousins waiting for her teammates (Eric Simard,
Shawn Simard & Ryan Eldridge) to finish practicing
on the first nine holes! (sorry, no group pic)

Geo students

Roger Holmes, Patrick Mooney, Chad Walker,
& Tristan Martel - (Winning team!)

Jason swinging

Jason Gillilland - perfect form??!!

Economic's team

Karin Feulgen, Al Slivinski, Glen Stirling, &
Debra Merrifield

soc guys

Jay Turner, Bala, Carl Grindstaff & Craig Boydell

econ group

Chris' team

Chris Ellis, Rae Hamilton & Steven Matson

Lorraine's team

Bess Waterfield, Lorraine Davies, Cris de Clercy
& Peter Ferguson

Wendy's team

Jennifer Maxwell, Andrew Nelson & Wendy Palmer
brian's group