Social Science Golf Tournament

2014 Annual Tournament

Another successful tournament! A little bit windy, but it was to some people's advantage. 

Geographers are the winning team for two years in a row. Congratulations to Roger Holmes, Tristan Martel, Chad Walker, and Jonathan Raikes.  Tristan said this is his last year at Western and he was going out with a bang!  Not only was he on the winning team, but he also got men's longest drive and closest to the pin.  Probably going pro after he leaves Western!  Couple of great women golfers received longest drive and closest to the pin, Debra Merrifield and Gail Wright.

Geographers team

Winning team: Tristan Martel, Roger Holmes,
Chad Walker, and Jonathan Raikes
 Tristan Martel - Longest drive and closest to the pin

Debra,Karin,Al, and Glen

Glen Stirling, Karin Feulgen, Debra Merrifield (ladies
longest drive) and Al Slivinski

Jerry,Gail, Gayle, Margaret

Margaret Kellow, Gail Wright (ladies closest to the pin),
Jerry White, and Gale Cassidy

Bala, Craig, Harry, & Jay

Jay Turner, Craig Boydell, Harry Murray, and
T.R. Balakrishnan


Laura helps the golf course out by weeding!

Linda, Pat, and Faye

Linda Brock, Pat Orphan, and Faye Murphy

Rae, Lorraine, Cris, and Peter

Rae Hamilton, Lorainne Davies, Cris De Clercy
& Peter Ferguson

Jason and Don

Jason Gilliland and Don Lafreniere cruising around

Joanne, Brian, John, and Howard

Joanne Timney, Howard Plotkin, Brian Timney,
and John Orphan

Wendy, Laura, and Lyndsayt

Laura Cousins, Lyndsay Masters, and Wendy Palmer

Craig golfing

Craig showing how it's done!

Tor, Larissa & Isaac

Tor Olamo, Larissa Soddart, and Isaac Luginaah
- relaxing after golf


An injury! Dan Shrubsole got in the way of
someone's shot.  Took one in the leg for his team.

wendy and jason

Gayle and Lorraine cake