Social Science Golf Tournament

2015 Annual Tournament

We had the best weather, no threat of rain, not too hot or cold, it made for a perfect day!

It was nice to see some new golfers this year.  Winning team was a mixture of new golfers from History and some of the regular really good Geography golfers.  With a score of -5, Nolan Brown, Ben Cook, Chad Walker, and Doug Rivet had best score.  Their names will be added to the SS golf plaque that I will hang up in the lounge some day soon!  Chad also wins the men's longest drive, and Elaine McIlwraith makes the women's longest drive.   Some amazing shots for closest to the pin. Women's was Gail Wright, and men's, Chris Ellis.  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to those who participated and made it such a fun day!

winning team

Winning team: Ben Cook, Nolan Brown,
Doug Rivet, and Chad Walker (longest drive)
Linda, Gail, Pat, and Tom
Gail Wright (closest to the pin), Pat Orphan,
Linda Brock, and Tom Croucher

Chris, James, and Harvey

James Flath, Chris Ellis (closest to pin),
and Harvey Brown

Elainie, Laura, and Kelly

Elaine McIlwraith (longest drive),
Laura Cousins, and Kelly Abrams


Glen Stirling, Al Slivinski, 
Karin Feulgen, and Debra Merrifield

 Chris, Peter, Bruce and Kevin

Kevin Phillips, Cristine deClercy,
Peter Ferguson, and Bruce Fyfe

John, John, Ken, and Francis

John Meyer, Francis Boon,
Ken McRae, and John Orphan

Julie, Wendy, Gayle

Julie Young Marcellin, Wendy Palmer,
and Gayle Cassidy

Andrew, Jen, and Joe

Andrew Nelson, Jen Chambers,
and Joe Kedzierski

Angelica, Karen, Erika

Angelica Lucaci, Karen Van Kerkoerle,
and Erika Hill

close putt

Close putt!

Great shot!

Great shot!
high five

Psy guys

patio pic

patio pic

patio pic

econ on patio