Research News

  • Building relational accountability with Indigenous communities

    May 03, 2018
    For Chantelle Richmond, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, it is time for Indigenous health research to fundamentally change. Richmond is the newly named Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Health and the Environment.
  • CRC to bring new tools to change social science research

    May 03, 2018
    Dave Armstrong has been named as Canada Research Chair in Political Methodology, with a focus on how to bring new research tools into social science.
  • Understanding the brain’s hidden superpowers

    April 18, 2018
    Researchers Blake Butler, PhD, and Stephen Lomber, PhD, are looking at the anatomy underlying sensory enhancements to better understand how the deaf brain transforms and reorganizes itself. Their latest study shows changes in the outputs from auditory regions of the brain are dramatically altered following hearing loss.