The Social Newsletter

The Social is the newsletter for the Faculty of Social Science. Our goal is to keep you up to date on some of the biggest developments in the Faculty of Social Science. We plan to produce two issues a year.

As one of the largest Social Science faculties in Canada, our faculty is very diverse, and there are plenty of exciting things happening. Whether it’s new and important research, special events in departments, or involvement from our students, we hope to highlight and recognize the contributions our dedicated people make to our academic community and the wider world.


Social Newsletter Winter 2020The Winter 2020 issue includes a look back on the tenure of Bob Andersen as he leaves his position as Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, contains information about upcoming research projects, including a student of elections and democracies, led by Laura Stephenson. It also includes stories on honouring the legacy of researchers and faculty members.

Social Newsletter Spring 2019The Spring 2019 issue includes stories on new beginnings: new centres and research areas, new faculty members, and new leadership for departments in the Faculty. We also include stories about our staff and faculty, who, through their continued dedication and work have helped make the Faculty of Social Science what it is.

The Social Newsletter - Summer 2018The Summer 2018 issue includes stories on our new faculty members in many of our departments. These excellent scholars are joining us from universities across the world, bringing a wealth of experiences and energy with them. They join an already accomplished Faculty. This newsletter also highlights some of the major accomplishments of our well-established faculty members, including awards, and important contributions they have made to their disciplines, including changing the way academics are working with Indigenous communities, and how economists study firm productivity.

social-newsletter-winter-2018-cover.jpgThe Winter 2018 issue includes stories on the $5-million gift from Aubrey Dan to support major changes in the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies. Other stories highlight important and interesting community partnerships, honours for our faculty and students, and information on plans for the First Nations Studies program.

The Social Newsletter - Summer 2017The second issue includes stories on new Faculty members, including the new Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Central Banking, Stephen Williamson, and new hires in Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Research of faculty members is also highlighted.

Social Newsletter coverIn this first issue, we take a special look back at 50-years of history for two of our departments. The Department of Economics and the Department of Sociology were both founded in 1966, under the leadership of Grant Reuber. With the guidance of successive department chairs, the Departments have grown and established international reputations from very modest beginnings.