New Faculty Information


Employment Authorization

New employees who are neither:  (1) a permanent resident of Canada, nor (2) a Canadian citizen, are required to provide a valid employment authorization upon their arrival to UWO.  No UWO paperwork can be completed until a copy of this document has been submitted to the Departmental Administrator.  This document is instrumental in activating your employee identification number.  The document is forwarded by the Departmental Administrator to the Dean of Faculty of Social and the Office of Employee Relations.  

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Social Insurance Number

New employees who are neither: (1) a permanent resident of Canada, nor (2) a Canadian citizen, must apply for Social Insurance Number.  You are required to apply for this document in person.  The London Human Resource Centre of Canada is located at 457 Richmond Street (corner of Richmond and Queens).  1-800-206-7218.  You can complete your application form at the Human Resource Office when you arrive.  No appointment necessary.  You must have your passport and valid employment authorization available as supporting documents (no photocopies).  There is no fee.  Report your Social Insurance Number immediately to the Department Administrator.

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Pensions & Benefits & Payroll Setup

Please contact Pension & Benefits Office, Room 5100, Support Services Building (519-661-2194) to set up an appointment to sign up for U.W.O. benefits (this is a one hour meeting). This should be done prior to July 15th for you to be put on university payroll and to set up automatic bank deposit of your monthly pay. If you wish to be paid in July, bring a VOID cheque from a Canadian bank account with you to this appointment.  Please request and complete a Tax Deduction form (TD1) at this meeting. Please visit Human Resources for more information.

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Employee Number  /U.W.O. ID Card

Please go to Room 1120, Western's Student Services Building (WSS) to obtain your photo identification card. You will require your UWO Employee Number (please check with the Department Administrator). This card is required for most university services (including keys, parking, library services, travel discounts, etc). Please visit Registrar's Office for more information.

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Pay Cheques

Monthly pays are deposited in your bank account on the 2nd last working day of the month. You can view your statement online when you log into MyHumanResources.

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Moving Allowance

If you have been given a moving and travel expense allowance as per your contract letter with the Faculty of Social Science, keep all original receipts for travel and accommodation expenses.  The receipts should be submitted to the Departmental Administrator for forwarding to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Social Science, UWO.  Deadline is April 30th of the following year.

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All keys must be requested on a Building Access Requisition form through your Departmental Administrator.  The Keys Office is in Room 4150, Support Services Building.  Your UWO Photo ID Card is required. Please complete and submit a Keys Request Form.

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The Parking Office is located in Room 4150, Support Services Building, telephone number 519-661-3973. Please visit Parking Office website for parking applications.

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As soon as your office telephone is set up, you will be listed in the Western on-line directory.

The department pays for each faculty member's office telephone. Extra services such as Direct-In-Dial and Lab phones are an additional expense you incur. Monthly billing statements will be distributed for long distance charges and other phone charges. These charges may be reimbursed to the department by cash, personal cheque or by charging your research account.

For more information on setting up your phone, ie voice message, visit Telecom's website. 

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E-mail Account

UWO E-mail accounts are automatically set up for all new employees by Western Technology Services (WTS). Confirmation of your username and password will be sent to you c/o your home department. Be sure to activate your account through this WTS website.  If you are having difficulties with your e-mail account or access to the UWO server, call 519-661-3800 or submit a ticket to the Help Desk. The Social Science Technology Services will automatically grant you access to the SSC Network using this account.  If you are having difficulties accessing the SSC Network or you're not sure what support you need, contact 519-661-2152, email SSTS, or visit the SSTS website.

WTS has implemented a Web Mail package that will allow anyone with an active UWO Personal Computer Account to read their e-mail anywhere there is a web browser. To use this mail package, type in the location or address box of your browser (e.g. Chrome or Internet Explorer) and login using your UWO Personal Computer Account username and password. Please visit WTS website for more information.

For further information on the services provided by Western Technology Services, please visit WTS website. 

For further information and assistance on the services provided by Social Science Technology Services, please visit SSTS website.

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Setting up your Web Site  

The department hosts a web site featuring faculty members and their research. Please contact your Departmental IT person or Administrator to set up your profile on the website. Go to Instructional Technology Resource Centre for an alternative way integrating technology into your course work.  If you wish to setup a website for your research, contact Social Science Technology Services.

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Faculty of Graduate Studies Membership         

Please visit Graduate Studies website for Information on membership and the nomination-credentials process for the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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 Employing Students (Government Funded)     

The Work-Study Program is available through Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, UWO.  The Work Study Program offers an opportunity for students to work part-time in jobs that accommodate their studies. Further information for Employers on the Work Study program visit Registrar's Office website. The Department Administrator can assist you.  

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Financial - Speed Codes and Account Structures        

As soon as a research or program account is established by Financial Services, a speed code is assigned to the account. A speed code is a 4-digit number/letter + the account code that can be used to make purchases directly off your research grant at several locations on campus including the Book Store and Campus Computer Store. Several off campus locations such as Canadian Tire (Hyde Park), Enterprise car rentals, Bolen, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel also accept speed codes. Please check with your department for speed code or account numbers.

Speed Code + Account Code

i.e.: STA4       (frequently used account codes)
605400 (Computing Equipment)
605500 (Equipment and Apparatus)
622000 (Supplies)
621250 (Computer Software)
621400 (Printing)
645000 (Travel Expenses)
645100 (Travel Advance)
603460 (Subject fees)
603465 (Subject fees Advance)

For more account numbers see your Department Administrator or download Valid General Ledger Expense Accounts (PDF, 90 KB).

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Purchasing Goods and Services   

Purchases can be done by the following ways:

  • Purchase orders are completed through your department.  Check with your main office for the procedures.

  • Systems Contracts - The University has preferred suppliers for many items. This allows you to purchase specific goods or services (such as vehicle rentals, photocopiers, electrical supplies, campus moving services, temporary personnel services) by telephone using your Speed Code. For further information on system contract vendors, please visit Financial Services.
  • Board of Governors Purchasing policy 2.8 requires all acquisitions with a total value greater than $15,000 to be openly quoted and over $25,000 to be formally tendered (Request For Proposal or Quote). Purchasing completes such tenders in conjunction with the Users and ITS to ensure components, performance and pricing provide best value for money from all perspectives. 

  • Some purchases of supplies while travelling or on field-work are acceptable. However, acquisitions of such equipment as vehicles, computers, fax machines etc. are not allowable since they bypass pre-acquisition approval, can result in loss of tax recoveries for exempt goods as well as exposing the University to goods and costs that are not the best value.

Visa credit cards are an alternative to petty cash and some regular purchase orders. They may be used for registrations, subscriptions/books, cell phone charges, memberships and in store purchases. They may not be used for supplies available from contracted suppliers, the Bookstore, radioactive materials, or foreign orders of tangible goods. 

For American Express Travel Card, see the Travel Information below.

Western Office Supplies, Room 1330, Support Services Building - stocks a wide range of office supplies and other common use items. Orders may be placed by phone at 519-661-3604 ext 88122, in person, by fax at 519-661-3704 or by e-mail or online at Financial Services.

Computers - please see the guide on the SSTS website. For more information, please visit Financial Service website. 

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Professional Allowance    

Each Member holding a Full-Time Appointment may claim reimbursement of eligible expenses up to a value of $900 per calendar year (forms available in February). Please refer to UWOFA Collective Agreement at the UWOFA website.          

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Start-up Grants       

If you have been awarded a start-up grant (indicated in your faculty contract), it will be set up in a Research Account by the Department Administrator.

You will have to complete a Request for Research Account Form (RFRA). You can complete this application electronically or print the form and submit a hard copy.

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Research Grants

For information on internal and external research grant programs, how to apply for grants and upcoming deadlines, visit the Social Science Research or contact Faculty Research Officers at or 519-661-2111, x85138 or x87992.

All grant applications must be submitted to Research Services with a completed Research On-Line Approval form (ROLA) in order to receive UWO Institutional approval.

Further information on research grants and UWO policies and procedures is available from Western Research.

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Travel Information 

Travel arrangements can be made with information through the Financial Services - Preparing to Travel.    Discounts are available for University employees.   Reimbursements through travel expenses or cash advances are to be completed on-line through the Financial System.  Log in with your UWO username and password.

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Business Cards       

Western business cards are ordered through Mustang Market - Data Group of Companies. Please check with the Departmental Administrator about placing an order for business cards.

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Health and Safety     

At a minimum, you are required to attend the following sessions:
- Emergency Evacuation
- New Employee Health and Safety Orientation
Visit their website to see when sessions are available.  (They will have new sessions starting mid August, refer back to the site then). Please visit Human Resources Safety and Wellness website for more information.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 
OHS is also providing WHMIS Training.  Sessions are available on their website, mentioned above.  Instead of attending a scheduled training course, employees and others will be able to access the training 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This training is a legislated requirement for all hazardous materials users and participation is mandatory. Laboratory personnel must also attend the New Employee Health and Safety Orientation, Laboratory Safety Seminar and the Hazardous Materials Management Seminar as required by the UWO Laboratory Health and Safety Manual.     

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