Departments in the Faculty of Social Science

Learn about all the programs offered in Social Science

Anthropology Program at Western University


The study of humans in all our social, cultural, linguistic and biological diversity and complexity.

Management and Organizational Studies at Western University

DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies

Emphasizing the social science and evidence-based foundations of management education.

Financial charts


Studies how individuals, firms, organizations, and governments make decisions, optimally use resources, and respond to incentives.

Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research at Western University

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

A dynamic and interdisciplinary department that focuses on issues of social justice and equality.

Geography at Western University

Geography and Environment

Geography examines the spatial relationships between humans and the natural environment.

History at Western University


Explore social, political, economic, military, and cultural change over time.

Political Science at Western University

Political Science

Study ideas, activities and problems associated with the governance of nations, states and societies.

Sociology at Western University


Explore the biological, social and psychological roots of human and animal behaviour.

Sociology at Western University


Study how society influences what we do and how we think, to better understand the social world.