Anthropology students combines creative arts and studies to inspire

November 08, 2016

Aaron Bengall Anthropology student Western University

Aaron Bengall is an entrepreneur, an artist, an author and is dedicated to educating and uniting Type I diabetes communities in London.

He does all this while also completing a Master’s degree in Anthropology.

Bengall previously completed an Honors BA in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience and has long had an interest in the power of personal expression through art, an interest which has led him to create children’s book and education resources.

While he was working on an educational children’s book with the Epilepsy Support Centre, he met a young boy named Preston who has Type I diabetes. Preston spoke to Bengall about the need for educational resources for kids with Type I diabetes. Bengall was inspired and began working on educational resources about the disease. Bengall created a book called “Preston’s Big Game”, which uses hockey as a metaphor for the biology of diabetes.

It also inspired a change in studies. Bengall returned to Western to study Anthropology, and is “researching the different experiences people in the Type I diabetes community have surrounding the disease.”

Along with this research, Bengall is interested in Anthropology as it relates to providing people a chance to have their experiences expressed in the world.

“I believe my purpose in life is to help people express themselves in order to help them be empowered to succeed,” said Bengall. He does through a business that encourage people to express themselves through art.

Bengall feels that his studies in anthropology will help him honour his commitment to self-expression by continuing to publicize and share stories.

An example of Bengall’s expression is currently on display in the D.B. Weldon Library. The exhibit highlights information about the study and history of diabetes awareness, as part of National Diabetes Awareness Month. The display will be in the Weldon Library for the month of November.