Student organized conference to help "Find Your Way"

January 20, 2017

Finding Your Way Conference organizers

Clinical Psychology graduate students from Western who organized the Finding Your Way lecture series.

Billed as “a lecture series on the psychology of everyday life,” graduate students in Clinical Psychology at Western University will deliver 12 lectures over four days at the Central Library, as part of “Finding Your Way.”

The series is organized by the students, and is designed to educate the public on topics related to mental health.

Dora Ladowski is President of the group, and a PhD student in Clinical Psychology. Her research combines cognitive neuroscience with clinical psychology, looking at neuropsychological evaluation of people with epilepsy.

“A priority for the group is to give people new knowledge or new skills they can walk away with,” said Ladowski. “Spreading knowledge is an effective way to correct misinformation and reduce the stigma around psychological distress and disorders.”

While knowledge sharing is key, the student organizers also aim to advocate for people with mental health issues, including the need for increased access to mental health services, and promote the role of psychologists in bettering the well-being of many people.

Ladowski said the lectures are a way for the students to share their knowledge with the public, and to give back. “As students, it is a great way to give something back to the community, especially since we rely so much on the community as clinicians and researchers in training,” said Ladowski.

As students trained in the scientist-practitioner model, the lectures are also a way for the students to practice integrating the knowledge gained in research and clinical practice in a productive pursuit.

Lecture topics include: “What is Consent?” “Don’t Panic: How Stress changes the body and mind”, “Strategies to stop procrastination”, “Coping effectively with chronic pain”, and others.

The graduate students, who created the schedule and will be delivering the lectures, are thankful for their partnership with the London Public Library, who assisted in organizing the event. Support has also been provided by Leora Swartzman, Clinical Practicum Coordinator, and David Dozios, Chair of Clinical Psychology, as well as other faculty members who consult on student lectures. Promotion support was provided by the London Public Library and the London Regional Psychological Association.

The lecture series takes place on February 1, 2, 4 and 8 at the Central Library, 251 Dundas Street, London.

Schedule for the 2017 Finding Your Way lecture series