Roy Allen joins Department of Economics

August 17, 2017

Roy Allen, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Roy Allen has joined the Department of Economics as an Assistant Professor at Western University. Allen recently completed his PhD at the University of California, San Diego, with a specialization in Econometrics.

Allen’s research is focused on identification, or determining what data is needed to answer a specific research question, what theories allow or not and how to test them, and prediction using a theory.

“Understanding identification is usually a first step for empirical work,” said Allen. “If you are using a bad method, a lot of the subsequent work is built on a bad foundation,” he said.

He enjoys working in the field of econometrics and economic theory because it “is inherently collaborative, and geared toward other academics,” he said.

Allen is among five new professors hired by the department of Economics hired soon after they completed graduate school.

“It’s good to come in at the same time as other people,” said Allen. “Everyone has been very supportive and welcoming.”