In Memoriam: Brock Millman

December 05, 2018

The Faculty of Social Science mourns the passing of Brock Millman, professor of History.

The Faculty of Social Science mourns the passing of Brock Millman, professor of History.

The following text was prepared by Professor Jonathan Vance:

The History Department is mourning the loss of a dear friend, colleague, and teacher – Professor Brock Millman died on 3 December 2018 at the age of 54.

A graduate of The University of Western Ontario, the University of London, and McGill University, Brock joined the faculty of his alma mater in 2001. His teaching in military history and International Relations was shaped by an incisive mind and animated by an acerbic wit. His standards were high and he expected a lot from his students, but at the same time he was a very forgiving teacher whose kindness knew few bounds.

As a scholar, Brock’s range was impressive. After publishing fine monographs on Anglo-Turkish relations, the British government, Somaliland, and Canada during the First World War, he turned to researching the Irish Revolution – a history that he found charmingly irrational. He had an encyclopedic memory, from which he could pull endless amusing references from obscure and unusual archival collections that he had visited.

Brock would cringe at being called “passionate” about anything, so we’ll just say that he was deeply committed to many things – to scholarship, to his family and friends, to his students, to his Regiment. His integrity was complete; he was a man to whom principles mattered a great deal. His sense of duty and service was strong – Brock went to Afghanistan in part because, having sent his own soldiers there for many years, he believed that it was only right that he send himself as well.

We shall never know what wonderful books Brock would have written if he had the chance – or what lectures he would have given, what seminars he would have led. But we know that we have lost a remarkable mind, a true heart, and an unquenchable spirit. Go well, dear friend.

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