New Geography and Environment program examines the climate crisis

April 20, 2021

Climate march. Markus Spiske for pexels

Climate march. Markus Spiske for pexels

Rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers, extreme flooding and worsening wildfire seasons.

The effects of global warming are apparent. The science is clear.

The climate crisis is one of the most urgent challenges facing society, and one of the biggest concerns for today’s youth.

“It’s going to be a big part of their lives because they’ll be the ones responding to it,” said professor James Voogt, chair of the department of geography and environment. “But they’re energized to take action.”

A new major, Climate Change and Society, aims to harness that passion and help students address the multidimensional challenges the climate crisis poses.

Housed in the geography and environment department, the module connects many existing courses taught in science, social science and the humanities into one integrated focus of study.

Associate professor Tony Weis led the proposal to get the new program off the ground.

“We developed this module because we believe climate change is an immense civilizational challenge, and something universities have a responsibility to teach not only in individual classes, but in an integrative way,” Weis said.

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