Social Science Researchers in the news

(Updated July 4, 2023)

Researchers in the Faculty of Social Science have expertise in a wide-variety of areas. Our faculty members and graduate students are featured in news stories and comment on current events.

Here is a recent representative sample:

Victoria Esses, Director of Network for Economic and Social Trends (NEST) and Co-Chair of Pathways to Prosperity Partnership, co-authored an article published in the Conversation:

Cody Groat, professor in History, spoke with many media outlets regarding the Vatican’s formal repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery:

Tracey Adams, professor in Sociology, was quoted in a Globe and Mail article:

Focus on work from Victoria Esses and the Pathways to Prosperity Partnership:

Samantha Hancock, from the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies, co-authored an article published in Psychology of Women Quarterly: