Social Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund Matching Program

November 29, 2018

NEWS: Western’s Faculty of Social Science (FSS) will be supporting up to three postdoctoral fellowships each year ($10,000/year) through matching funds for Research Western’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.


In addition to the aims of Research Western’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, the program will particularly support FSS faculty advisors who may not currently have the means to fully support a postdoctoral scholar with their external funding, or not have opportunities elsewhere within their research group(s). Note that only external funds can be used for a faculty advisor's portion of the matching funds.


The total value to the postdoctoral fellow is $40,000 per year minimum (plus 13% benefits) for two years using a matched funding formula. See below for the advisor cost breakdown.

For successful candidates, a portion of that amount will come from the FSS: $10,000 per year.

The remainder of the will come from external grant funding (e.g., Tri-Council funds) held by the advisor– see Research Western matching formula.

That is, there is a minimum commitment from the faculty advisor of approximately $12,600 per year for up to 2 years ($10,000 per year + 13% benefits). Augmenting this amount definitely is encouraged to attract top talent.


In addition to the Research Western eligibility requirements, FSS requires that the faculty advisor does not currently hold external grants (all sources) in excess of $80,000 per year; and that they do not already have postdoc funding opportunities available (e.g., CFREF).

Selection Criteria:

See the Research Western selection criteria.


You are not required to apply to the FSS program if you have the full minimum matching funds required for the Research Western program covered through external grants. For those applying to FSS matching funds, please complete the Research Western Application form (opens as PDF) and submit it to the Faculty of Social Science Associate Dean Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by January 25, 2019.

New: Please ensure the reference letters are included in the FSS application.

The Reference Form is available here. (opens as PDF) References can be sent to the to the applicant, directly to the Associate Dean Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs ( or to the Research Officer Pankhuri Malik (

There is no additional form required for applying to the FSS component. Note that applicants are still required to submit their completed application to Research Western by their deadline (February 8, 2019 at 14:00 (Eastern) (confirm deadline at Research Western website).

A Faculty-level committee appointed by the Dean will adjudicate the files and select up to three to support financially.

The applicants who will have matching funds from FSS earmarked for their application will be notified by February 1, 2019. The top 3 ranked applications will indicate on the Research Western form that they “have the required matching funds” (from FSS + the supervisor – see minimum budget below). If your application is not in the top 3 and you are able to provide the full matching funds for one of the Research Western postdocs without the FSS support component, you can still apply directly through the Research Western Process.

For budgeting purposes here is the breakdown of the Matching Formula COSTS for Year 1:

  • $10,000 Faculty of Social Science
  • $12,600 Faculty member ($10,000, + 13% benefits on the $20,000 matching, including the FSS $10,000)
  • $22,600 Research Western ($20,000 + 13% benefits for $20,000)
  • $45,200 TOTAL annual COST (minimum) 

Please note that the postdoctoral researchers' contract entitles them to a 1.5% raise for Year 2. These modest costs will be covered by the Faculty advisor as well.