Alumni Stories

Our alumni find jobs and apply their skills in many different fields.

Read some stories about graduates from our different departments.

AlannahDharamshiHeadshot.jpgAlannah Dharamshi

Alannah Dharamshi graduated with an Honours Double Major in Anthropology and Psychology.

Alannah Dharamshi is a research associate with the City of Toronto. Before that she was an Associate at Springboard Policy, a public policy research and advisory firm. When asked how her education helped prepare her for her career path, she said: “Writing, every employer is looking for, across any field, the ability to write clearly and succinctly; anthropology helps you learn to write compelling narratives”.

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Bonita-Lau.jpgBonita Lau

Bonita Lau graduated from the Department of Psychology at a Western University.

After graduation, Lau worked as an Education Specialist for an educational technology company. Lau stated: “My education at Western helped me develop transferable skills that I was able to apply to my career. Even years after graduating, I still draw upon the research, communication, and critical thinking skills that I developed at Western.”

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Destiny Allen-Green

destiny225x300Destiny Allen-Green is a Western University graduate who completed an Honours Double Major in Geology and Physical Geography.

Allen-Green now works as a Project Manager in the mineral exploration and mining sector.

“My time at Western exposed me to plenty of useful technical knowledge which helped me become adaptable and open to new experiences and changes; I have since taken these skills forward into my career.”

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Kyle-Boutilier.jpgKyle Boutilier 

Kyle Boutilier completed an Honours Specialization in Global Economics, and the Scholar’s Electives program, at Western.

Following graduation, Boutilier worked as a research assistant with the Bank of Canada. “In first year, you take courses in many different subjects. Western really encourages an interdisciplinary approach, the professors really encourage going beyond the course material and finding the niche within the area that you study.”

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Tom-Van-Dewark.jpgTom Van Dewark

Tom Van Dewark studied History during his undergraduate years and Public History for his graduate degree.

Tom currently works as the Director of Western Operations for ‘Know History’, where he recruits other staff. “It’s safe to say that the consistency we’ve seen with Western graduates is very high,” said Van Dewark. “You will get people that are ready to be in the job market. And their expectations are more closely aligned for the professional world than you may see from other students.”.

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tommy_negovanlis_ca_ey_com_LThumb.jpgTommy Negovanlis 

Tommy Negovanlis completed an undergraduate program with an Honours Double Major in American Studies and Political Science.

Negovanlis currently works as a Sustainability Consultant with Ernst and Young (EY). “I learned to manage time wisely and get things done, it’s about getting experience, and figuring it out on your own. Western has a lot of avenues and support to teach these aspects.”

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