Future Graduate Students

Click on the banner above to watch an hour-long general information session for Faculty of Social Science undergraduate students on "What is Grad School? Why is it Great?!" This November 2023 session was organized by the Dean's Office in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Science Students' Council, and was led by Assistant Dean (EDID) Kim Clark and Associate Dean (Grad and Postdoc Studies) Elizabeth Hayden.

Why Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Social Science

As a graduate student, you are working to advance your knowledge, while also advancing society’s understanding in your field of study. Studying at Western University helps you achieve those goals, as you work with world-class researchers in a supportive academic environment.

Western is one of Canada’s largest research-intensive universities, and the Faculty of Social Science is home to many interdisciplinary research groups, such as the Brain and Mind Institute and the Centre for Human Capital and Productivity.

Renowned for the strength of its research and innovative graduate programs, the Faculty of Social Science at Western has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 100 Social Science faculties in the world. Our graduate programs are research-focused. Students work with world-class researchers in a range of fields including unique interdisciplinary options and specialized focus within fields.

Funding for Graduate Studies

Graduate students also have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of students through teaching assistant positions.

To support our graduate students in their education, Western offers a competitive funding package, with has a university wide minimum funding guarantee for PhD candidates, and offering funding opportunities for Master’s candidates.

Funding average in year 1 Faculty of Social Sciences - from all sources (before tuition):

Domestic MA/MSc - $18,300
International MA/MSc - $29,900 (pays international fees)
Domestic PhD - $25,100
International PhD - $24,000 (now pay domestic fees)

Entrance into Western’s graduate programs are very competitive, with admission averages in the 82% range for Master’s and 85% for Doctoral programs. As a Graduate student in the Faculty of Social Science you can be sure that as a graduate student you are learning from the best and working with the best.

Program Options

There are various MA, MSc, and PhD programs offered through the departments in the Faculty of Social Science.

Visit the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for information on how to apply for graduate programs.