Internship Programs

Available to eligible students in the Faculty of Social Science, internships provide you with an opportunity to take the skills and knowledge you are developing in your degree program and apply it in a workplace environment. Explore career paths, build a professional network, gain interview experience, and get a head start on your career!

DAN Management Internship Program

The DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies offers an Industry Internship Program for students interested in gaining practical work experience. Students spend 8 to 16 months working in industry between completion of their third year and commencement of their fourth year in DAN Management. Visit the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies for more details on eligibility and admission requirements.

Student Information 

(2023-24 Application Deadline: November 3rd, 20233)

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Social Science Internship Program

The faculty-wide Social Science Internship Program provides internship experiences for students interested in gaining practical, hands-on experience in a workplace environment. 

Student Information

(2023-24 Application Deadline: November 3rd, 2023)

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