Internship Information for Employers

The Social Science Internship Program allows upper-year students registered at main campus in the Faculty of Social Science the opportunity to accept paid and career-related internships for course credit (Social Science 3990A/B/Y – a 0.5 credit).

Western’s Faculty of Social Science is one of the largest and most diverse Social Science Faculties in Canada. The Social Science Internship Program is a faculty-wide internship program, which means students from the following Departments are eligible to participate if they meet the program’s academic requirements: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, the DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology—and the interdisciplinary Department of Women’s Studies (which is also part of Arts and Humanities).

Length: 10 weeks to 4 months (0.5 credit)

Commitment: Full-time

Time of Year: Most students are available in the Summer term (May – August); some students* are available for Fall term (September – December) or Winter term (January – April)
*Fluctuates year to year based on course schedules and enrollment

Location: Unrestricted

Program: Honors Specialization, Specialization or Major or Specialization module in the Faculty of Social Science