Social Science Internship Program

Why Hire a Social Science Intern?

The Social Science Internship Program allows undergraduate students registered at main campus the opportunity to accept full-time, paid (hourly or salaried), degree or career-related internships for course credit. These students can join your organization for short (10 - 16 weeks) or long (8 - 16 month) work terms.

Please see below to explore how a Social Science intern can contribute to your organization, and contact us to learn more!

American Studies

Education, Journalism, Law and Legal services, Public Policy Analysis, Research, Tourism/ Heritage


Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management, Community and International Development, Management Consulting, Market and User Experience Research

Commercial Aviation Management

Airport planning and management, Aviation law, Commercial pilot (flight option only)

DAN Department of Management & Organizational Studies

Accounting Analyst, Auditing, Financial Analysis, Government Relations, Investment Banking, Tax Consulting


Business Consulting, Market Research, Government, Statistical Research, Financial Analysis, Insurance and Actuarial Services, Non-profit organizations

Geography and Environment

Geographic Information Systems, Transportation, Urban Development, Sustainability, Food and agriculture, Energy, Climate Change in Society


Archivist, Museum/ Art Gallery Curation, Public Policy Analysis, Records Management, Research, Tourism/ Heritage

Indigenous Studies

Community Development, Education, Government Relations, Health Services, Public Policy Analysis, Social Work

International Relations

Community Outreach and Development, Foreign Services, Immigration, Management Consulting, Public Policy Analysis


Border Services, Foreign Services, Immigration, Technical Writer, Translator

Political Science

Business, Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations, International Relations, Market Research, Policy Analysis

Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Law, Journalism, Public Policy, Economics and Business


Community Services, Correction & Rehabilitation Services, Human Resources, Market Research, Public Relations, Research Assistant


Analytics, Communications, Community Health, Data Analyst, Education, Government, Human Resources, Immigration, Justice, Public Relations

Urban Development

Real Estate Management and Research Firms, Planning Consultants, Land Developers, Appraisal Firms, Financial Institutions, Retail Organizations, Industrial Location Consultants