Internship Information for Students

The Social Science Internship Program is designed for upper-year students registered at main campus in the Faculty of Social Science to participate in paid and career-related internships for course credit (Social Science 3990A/B/Y – a 0.5 credit).


  • Explore potential careers
  • Gain paid work experience and academic credit
  • Learn from a mentor
  • Develop marketable skills
  • Build your professional network
  • Secure career-relevant references
  • Add to your resume and gain an edge in the job search process!

While acquiring valuable work experience, you will obtain first-hand knowledge of available career options. In a number of cases, internship placements have led to full-time employment upon graduation; in other instances, interns have made valuable contacts who have then helped the students to secure employment at a later date.

Length: 10 weeks to 4 months (0.5 credit)

Commitment: Full-time

Time of Year: Most opportunities are concentrated in the Summer term (May – August); some opportunities exist for Fall term (September – December) or Winter term (January – April)*
*Note – International students are not eligible to pursue Fall or Winter term internships due to study permit restrictions

Location: Unrestricted

Program: Honors Specialization, Specialization or Major or Specialization module in the Faculty of Social Science (see Admission Requirements for more details)