Why Social Science?

Banners in Social Science Centre at Western

We are committed to developing graduates who can adapt to the rapidly changing global environment. A social science degree provides a variety of skills that are instrumental in responding to the demands of a world that is continually transforming.

Through course work and extracurricular activities, you are encouraged to develop your analytical and critical-thinking abilities. Moreover, you can gain greater confidence and aptitude for public speaking and develop strong organizational and overall communication skills.

Social Science provides answers to some of the world’s biggest questions, and is focused on addressing the world’s biggest issues.

Through Social Science courses, students gain soft skills important in the world, and useful in careers.

Social scientists are trained to be problems solvers, and understanding social science provides context to many major problems. Social science students learn more than facts and information; they learn how to ask important questions, how to research, how to think critically, how to develop and defend a position and how to communicate.

Social Scientists do not just look at the causes of a problem, but also consider the human aspect, considering how solutions to problems will impact people.

Social Science courses can teach students these important career skills:

  • analytical ability,
  • communication skills - verbal and in written reports,
  • data collection, analysis and interpretation,
  • numeracy and statistics,
  • problem solving,
  • project management,
  • quantitative and qualitative research, and
  • team work.

At Western, the Faculty of Social Science offers a variety of programs in our nine departments. You can combine degrees and take courses from different departments to make the most of your undergraduate studies. Discover your future program!

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